About the Staff

Amy head shotMy name is Amy. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Smith for over 15 years as his office manager and treatment plan coordinator.

The best part of my job is being a member of the team that enhances people’s smiles every day. As the office manager, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know our patients very well. I’m the one who helps them figure out how to get the smile they want with payments they can afford.

Amy front deskI’ve two wonderful daughters who keep me on my toes. We love to just pick up and go: whether it is just a camping trip or its off to a new city/state to see something new, different, and beautiful. Our favorite recent trip was a visit to the “Big Apple”, New York City, where we got to see both iconic and educational things.

I also love attending all the local city functions and running into our patients and their families.  Although my children are older now, we still enjoy gathering up all our friends to go to the Wixom Panther Hunt. 

About Us- JackiMy name is Jacki Jacoby Smith and I moved here from Atlanta in 2000 when Gordon and I got married. I work at Facial Beauty Dental as a Certified Health Coach as well as an outside marketing consultant. 

Up until 2011, I was a teacher consultant for the Visually Impaired for over 25 years in both Georgia and Michigan. After losing 40 lbs on the Take Shape for Life program, I knew I had to help others.

As a health coach, I have the opportunity to help our patients develop lifelong habits of health, reach a healthy weight, and active lifestyle.

Jacki ExerciseAs marketing consultant, I am happy to be part of Gordon's dental practice at this exciting time of technological advances as well as facial beauty enhancement.

Gordon and I have two terrific daughters, Meliss and Dana, and two adorable grandchildren, Shai and Ilan. When not helping others to reach optimal health , I sell jewelry and enjoy gardening, camping, dancing, traveling, and working out; as well as playing Scrabble and Mah Jongg.

sarah head shotMy name is Sarah and I’m Dr. Smith’s head assistant. I have worked at Facial Beauty Dental for over 10 years.  I enjoy coming to work every day and that’s a great feeling

Working in dentistry has been a great experience because I’m always learning something new from Dr. Smith. Every day is different than the next because of the wide range of procedures available to our patients who always receive all the knowledge needed to fully understand their treatment options.

sarah clinicalFacial Beauty Dental functions as a family from the staff to the patients and we always have each other’s best interests at heart.  I take pride in knowing that while treating our patients,  I’m helping to educate and reassure them every day.

Outside the office, I love spending time with my husband Joe and our family and friends.  Joe and I love biking and fishing. Being outdoors is what I love most and summer is my favorite time of year. 

Barb head shotMy name is Barb and I am Dr. Smith’s dental hygienist.
Dentistry is constantly changing and over the past 30 years I am proud to have kept up with the changes. My classes in post graduate education are too numerous to list. I am most proud, however, of my background in cosmetic dentistry from the Las Vegas Institute, the intensive hands on training from ProPerio in soft tissue management, and the advanced techniques in sonic scaling from the University of Michigan.

Barb clinicalI am confident in my ability to deliver local anesthesia in order to be Gentle yet thorough in my gum treatments.  I am also trained to use the laser for disinfection and healing.

Teaching patients about their teeth is rewarding to me because in a small way I can make their lives better. Some of the things I like teaching patients are: how to “read” their own x-rays, how to use new “tools” to make their gums healthier, and how the anatomy and position of their teeth  determines the strength of their chewing and the beauty of their smile. This is what preventative dentistry is all about and why I feel proud and fulfilled to be a preventive health specialist.

My hobbies are motorcycles, horseback riding, and snow skiing.