Our Dental Technology

In This Section

Dr. Smith continually evaluates the latest technology and selects that which he and his staff can use to improve the Quality, Comfort, and Speed of your dental care. There has never been a more exciting time for advances in dental technology, and we would like to highlight a few of the most interesting ones.

  • "Paperless" Office (Computerized Records)
    The records in our office are electronic, allowing for better patient care and ensuring that your information is always accessible by our staff.
  • Computerized Patient Education (CAESY®)
    The more than 200 presentations on CAESY are organized in submenus by 17 dental topics. The presentation that's relevant to your treatment is right at your fingertips, arranged by Diagnosis, Procedures, Alternatives, and Post-Op Instructions.
  • Computerized Ultra Low Dose Digital Xrays
    With Schick CDR, both the doctor and patient can clearly see the pictures which provides for better diagnosis and understanding. The system's database is integrated into our computerized patient record Softdent so any staff person has instant access to every patient's x-rays from any workstation in the office.
  • High Speed Instrument Sterilization
    We use a special high speed cassette sterilizer to make sure all instruments can be cleaned and sterilized as soon as possible rather than waiting around until the sterilizer is available.
  • Intraoral and Digital Photography
  • Computerized Orthodontic Analysis
    Our office has provided computerized orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning to our patients for over 7 years. With this software, we can trace your x-rays take your measurements, compare them to norms and more easily visualize the desired results of treatment. We can also store and have ready access to your before and after photos for comparison.